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Techno Nurse

Instruction and Assistance with all computers, tablets and mobile phones and the software, programs and 'apps'.

I assist and teach people of any age to get done what they want to get done on their computer, tablets, and smartphones. Specializing for years in assisting older adults, I I have had my own business providing assistance with software since 1996. Most of my clients become repeat customers.

Clients call for help with their technology if something is wrong or if they just want help to learn how to do something new.

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If you don't have time to learn, or just don't want to do something yourself, I do it for you. Including sending email, typing, spreadsheets, databases, printing out Christmas lists, even filing papers in files. I have been a contractor for state and city government and many privately owned businesses to complete special projects using a wide variety of software. Projects included data-gathering, report completion, networking and records databases, cash register system and digitizing a public health library's collection.

So many things need to be done or are easier to get done online, on a computer or other device, I help get things completed for people who don't have a computer of their own. I troubleshoot, can make some repairs, set up simple home networks and fix computers and owners after malware attacks. Most of my clients are older adults, but anyone that needs assistance with any program or issue they have with technology, I can help.

Hours By Appointment Only
Site last updated January 2018

Techno Nurse

Regularly Serving Rapid City and Surrounding area
Contact me for other areas - I love a road trip!
On Site Assistance - Most appointments, I will come to you! Homes and businesses. Or if you are travelling to Rapid City we can meet at Rapid City Public Library on Quincy St or at any coffee shop or place with free WiFi.

Mobile: 605-877-5171
Facebook: Techno Nurse on Facebook